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BaSiC Prep Leadership Academy’s mission is to provide an educational program that enables individuals to complete the requirements for a high school diploma by way of an intensive, individualized, virtual learning experience.

BaSiC Prep Leadership Academy commits to cultivate and improve educational opportunities, career development, and life skills for the betterment of our community.

Our cornerstone goals are to:

  • Decrease the number of individuals who have dropped out of school in the state of Indiana by 4%
  • Graduate 90% of its students
  • Prepare its students for careers, college, technical and trade schools, or the workforce
  • Individualize Service Plans (ISP) for all students
  • Foster a virtual learning environment in which students can learn anywhere, anytime
  • Positively impact the community at large through educational and academic programs and services

BaSiC Prep Leadership Academy uses innovative solutions and relevant technology, mentoring, encouragement, empowerment, and shared experiences to prepare students for an ever-changing society, via career options and opportunities for personal and professional success.

Terrence Littlefield, M.Ed. - Principal and Director of Operations
(317) 434-4288
​​Kristi Caskey, M.S. - Staff
Online and Virtual Assistance

One of the most important requirements for college admission is the SAT or the ACT. Studies have found that college prep writing strategies and skills for ACT essays and college applications historically raise scores.

Basic Prep Academy provides:

  • Virtually accessible preparation.
  • ACT, Math Science, and Reading assessments that are built into the test programs.
  • Instructors work in conjunction with preparation material, provide ongoing support and feedback.
  • Ongoing strategies and intervention in preparing students for both SAT and ACT tests.

Basic Prep Academy:

  • Individualizes delivery of Test preparation with several test packages, including teacher one on one instruction and small group instruction.
  • Individualizes all services to meet the learner's needs.
  • Interventions are based on strength and weakness, heavily integrated into Prep course responses and our services.

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Terrence Littlefield, M.Ed. Send email
Updated within the last 3 months.

Career assessments are essential in identifying where students are. BPLA and its staff implement assessments and mentoring to help facilitate this critical component in education.

Our on-line tool includes ACT’s WorkKeys, used in 32 states to assess employability skills or applied academics related to career readiness; and various types of industry-based certification or licensing exams.BaSiC Prep Academy’s staff is highly trained in areas that support school districts in making critical decisions about core courses, competencies, and college readiness for students as well as student-athletes.

Our staff will provide the following support and/or services to students:

  • Assist in the student application process
  • Review and evaluate transcripts
  • Core course worksheet
  • Clearinghouse/eligibility information (PSAT, PACT, SAT, ACT, requirements, workshops and testing dates)
  • Assist in preparation of FAFSA Application
  • Waiver Submission (Special Education)
Terrence Littlefield, M.Ed. Send email
Updated within the last 3 months.