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No Strings Attached (Nonprofit )

No Strings Attached's mission is to walk alongside women and children who have been sexually exploited as they go through their journey of recovery. We do this through outreach, aftercare and advocacy.

We offer support for women and children who have been sexually exploited. Bi-monthly we meet as a group with a trauma informed approach. A mentor/advocate is chosen by the victim/survivor for aftercare support.

Lisa Michelle - Executive Director
(210) 517-8256

Hello, precious woman. Your story matters. No one can take that from you. We believe you are here to help navigate the rest of your story.

We understand the reality of working in the industry. We offer counseling and mentorship. We want you to know we are here for you no matter where you are on your journey in life. We would love to have coffee and hear your story and see how we can be of support for you.

Finding community with women who can be trusted and have your best interest at heart is the first step to healing. We are such a community—women who have found ourselves in broken relationships, addiction, loss of hope, and in deep need of healing from the trauma of sexual exploitation. You will find community and support with the NSAGirls.

We offer a bi-weekly support group for your mind, body and soul. We have trauma therapies available along with resources in our community to help you live a whole, healed and productive life after your abuse.

This program is open to any woman or youth (13-18) who has been sexually abused, exploited, or trafficked.


Call or email to set up a first meeting.
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(210) 517-8256
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