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Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc. and the Battered Women and Children’s Shelter break the cycle of violence and strengthen families by providing the necessary tools for self-sufficiency through delivery of emergency shelter, transitional housing, education, effective parenting education, and specialized intervention with youth and the elderly.

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Marta Prada Peláez - President / CEO
(210) 930-3669
Crisis Hotline
(210) 733-8810
Hotlines and Virtual Assistance

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

For all other family violence situations, our crisis specialists are available 24/7 at (210) 733-8810.

To make a safety plan or report suspected abuse, call 210-207-SAPD.


The Youth Advisory Council’s mission is to engage in purposeful dialogue to address and educate other youth in the prevention of teen violence that affects our lives.

Its vision is to arrive at respectful and healthy relationships that contribute to the overall enjoyment of life as a young person.

Download and complete the Youth Advisory Council application here.

Youth Council Process

  • Accepting applications year-round
  • Virtual interview
  • Welcome meeting

Youth Advisory Council Will...

  • Participate in monthly meetings (virtual for the time being).
  • Engage with each other to address community issues.
  • Expose participants to the nonprofit world.
  • Gain an understanding of the role our community leaders play.
  • Gain an understanding of the court system in domestic violence
  • Gain an understanding of law enforcement in domestic violence


  • Development
  • Communications
  • Research
  • Resources
  • Public Policy

Follow the Youth Advisory Council: on Instagram: @fvpsyac21 and TikTok /Twitter: @fvpsyac

Participating High Schools

  • Alamo Heights
  • BASIS San Antonio
  • Louis D Brandeis
  • Central Catholic
  • Clark
  • Earl Warren
  • Health Careers
  • International School of the Americas
  • Keystone
  • Lady Bird Johnson
  • Lee
  • St Mary’s Hall
  • William Taft
Christina Campos - Director of Youth Advisory Council Send email

Based at the Bexar County Courthouse, streamlines the service engagement process for domestic violence victims and perpetrators involved with the judiciary and legal system, CPS, and the military.

Psycho-educational parenting group exploring how experiencing Domestic Violence affects one's ability to parent and how exposure to it impacts children.

For more information, call the administration office at 210-930-3669.

Psycho-educational program for families referred by CPS, Family Drug Court, and Early Intervention Court. It builds healthy living skills, providing tools to bolster children's resiliency, while parents work to break the cycle of chemical dependency, abuse and domestic violence.

Provides a variety of services suited to meet the developmental and emotional needs of each child at both our residental and non-residential facilities.

Play therapy techniques are used in individual and group counseling that is offered to help children process and heal from domestic violence.

Ongoing family case management services with a focus on the spectrum of needs of every child client are provided while maintaining an emphasis on meeting the academic needs of children identified as victims/survivors of family violence. Services are provided to every child.

For more information, call administration at 210-930-3669.

Community Counselors help people who are uninsured, whose existing coverage does not provide mental health services benefits, are low-income and lack the money to pay for counseling services, or who would not receive treatment any other way. Counseling services are provided by trained, licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, and licensed marriage and family counselors. Sessions are private and conducted in a safe and familiar environment such as churches and community centers.

The first meeting with a counselor is free. A modest fee based on a sliding fee scale is collected for each follow-up session; however, no one is denied service because they cannot pay.

An appointment must be scheduled in advance.

Community Health Workers, or Promotores de Salud, increase wellness by reaching out to, connecting with, and engaging underserved families and communities to help improve health outcomes for themselves, their families, and the communities in which they live.

Methodist Healthcare Ministries' Community Health Workers are certified by the Texas Department of State Health (DSHS).

Services include:

  • Establishing positive, trusting relationships with community residents in or from underserved communities.
  • Helping patients/clients, families, and underserved communities overcome barriers in language and culture to better connect to quality health care services and resources.
  • Connecting underserved populations to health care services and resources.
  • Providing informal counseling, support, and follow-up home visits for patients/patients.
  • Aiding in the creation and maintenance of community partnerships, collaborations, programs, and services.

Victims and survivors of domestic violence receive individual counseling by appointment. The individual counseling focuses on personal safety, personal growth, development, and improving interpersonal relationships. Participation is voluntary and available to residential and non-residential clients.

Children’s counseling provides a variety of therapeutic services suited to meet the developmental and emotional needs of each child. Play therapy, individual, and group counseling are offered to help children process and heal from domestic violence. Services are provided to every child at the Battered Women and Children’s Shelter, as well as any child needing therapeutic services at our Broadway office.

No fees.

Counseling Services
(210) 930-3669
Crisis Hotline
(210) 733-8810

Legal representation through FVPS is generally focused in the areas of family law such as

  • Protective Orders
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Modifications, and Enforcements
  • Or a combination of those services.

Click here to apply and for more information.

Free for eligible participants.

Lynita Mills Send email
(210) 314-1016

Meets the specialized needs of active and veteran military service members and their dependents through partnerships with San Antonio's militarty installations.

For more information, call 210-930-3669.

This program is designed to engage perpetrators of family violence in recognizing the impack of their violence on children and complements BIPP.

The curriculum invites fathers to explore their own childhood and how it may have shaped their beliefs and behaviors about fatherhood, as well as the concept that abusing a child's mother is abusive to children.

It also supports men in developing non-violent, nurturing, child-centered parenting practices.

Call the administration office at 210-930-3669 for more information.

A weekly 2-day Intensive Workshop that is both a psycho-educational and process group for participants with an open CPS case.

It covers a range of topics related to family violence, its impact on children and ways to protect them, trauma, and emotional regulation.

Our Violence Intervention Program is one of only three State-certified Batterers Intervention Programs in Bexar County, reaching male, female, and LGBTQ perpetrators of domestic violence with a comprehensive curriculum.

The VIP program consists of group therapy for men and women who perpetrate domestic and family violence. VIP curriculum allows perpetrators to take responsibility for their abusive behavior and teaches them the fundamentals of a healthy, non-violent relationship. It is designed to cover different aspects of violence and family abuse.

If you are ready to end your abusive behavior, join one of our groups. The program consists of 20 group sessions that meet on a weekly basis for two hours. If you are interested in joining, please set an appointment.

All service are offered in English and Spanish.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (210) 930-3669, ext. 2101 or 2102.

Participation in the VIP program is open to the public as well as persons referred by the court, CPS, probation office, or parole office.

Initial evaluation $25. This is a two hour appointment to complete paperwork and meet one-on-one with a professional counselor.

Group sessions $25 per session. The total amount of sessions is 20.

Group counseling for victims and survivors of domestic violence and provides a safe environment to process emotions, share experiences, as well as become educated on the dynamics of domestic violence. The group sessions emphasize safety, learning how to take care of one’s self and assisting their children in the healing process. Sessions are available to residential and non-residential clients.

Participants must be female, and 18 years of age or older.

No fees.

Counseling Services
(210) 930-3669

Pet Shelter

Up to 65% of domestic violence victims will delay or refuse to leave an abusive home out of fear of leaving their pets behind, but less than 3% of domestic violence shelters across the country provide shelter for family pets. We do.

FVPS, The Battered Women and Children’s Shelter is counting on your donation to help operate our pet shelter at our emergency facility. 

Click here to learn more.


Click here to find out how far your gift can go and to make a donation.

Donation Center

Click here for a list of items needed, as well as other information regarding in-kind donations.


FVPS offers undergraduate and graduate internships as well as practicum opportunities. Click here for details.


FVPS welcomes individual and group volunteers. Click here for details.

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  • 24-hour Crisis Intervention and Emergency Shelter
  • Individual case management services
  • Individual and group counseling for adults
  • Individual counseling for children
  • Legal services and advocacy
  • Adult education
  • Parenting education
  • Prepares families to transition to independent living through housing programs
  • On-site primary medical and dental care
  • On-site after school program
  • On-site pet shelter

Services are available in both English and Spanish.

24/7 Crisis Hotline: (210) 733-8810
Shelter Hotline
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